Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray, Declares That He Won’t Run For Re-election After Accusations Of Sexually Abusing Minors

After being accused of abusing minors sexually 30 years ago, Ed Murray, Seattle’s Mayor, declared on Tuesday that he won’t run for re-election.


As a talented politician, people assumed that Murray would run for re-elections. However, several weeks ago, Delvonn Heckard sued Murray. The 46-year-old man, Heckard, claims that the well-known politician had paid sex with him in 1980’s. Heckard was a minor at the time.

Murray who is 62 years old denied all the accusations but eventually decided to finish his first term at the end of 2016 and won’t run for the second term.

“The allegations against me paint me in the worst possible historic portraits of a gay man. The allegations against me are not true, and I say this with all honesty and with the deepest sincerity. But the scandal surrounding them and me is hurting this city,” Murray said.

Bad Decisions

Murray’s decision is considered by many as an end to his career in politics. The mayor was the first in his position as a gay man.

Murray’s decision is considered by many as an end to his career in politics. The Mayor fought to reach such a place being the first mayor as a gay man.

“The gay community is really concerned about how this applies to them — especially gay men. Because of course the conservative critique of gay men in caricature for many, many years was that they’re all pedophiles,” Geov Parrish, political analyst, said.

Murray’s aggressively reacted to the accusers and the allegations and he attacked them for being having criminal records. Such an attack made people to think that he was blaming the victim. That assumption did not help Murray Seattle’s liberal and political government turns its back on him.

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