President Trump wants border walls made with solar panels

According to a close source to the meeting President Trump held with congressional leaders, he suggested that the frequently promised boundary wall may be rich in solar panels.
Trump had earlier met Republican leaders to address the issue of the health sector and debt ceiling. In the meeting, he also raised the idea that the border he has often promised will probably be made with solar panels – this was made known by close sources.

In the meeting with Whip Steve Scalise, Whip John Cornyn, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell and the Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy; Ryan and McConnell addressed the meeting as productive and good one. In a statement, they said that the meeting is one that is geared towards making dreams come true.

Trump disclosed that the Congress has not mapped out any money for the border wall he promised to be set up along the southern border before when he was campaigning. The border wall project will owe credits to the funds by Mexico.

Prototypes development

The development of some prototypes for the border wall was primarily financed by the Department of Homeland Security as permitted by the congressional appropriators. Consequently, the department had to eke out $20 million to support the prototype of the project.
About two firms have come up with designs that feature the solar panels, these models were extended to CNN, and DHS will select its apt proposal.

Breakdown of the project and cost

After the Congress refused to provide any money for the construction of the border wall in 2017, the appropriators have been charged to provide the funds necessary to build 74 miles by 2018, which is worth $1.6 billion. According to a breakdown by DHS, the 74 miles will consist of 28 miles for levee wall in the valley of the Rio Grande, 14 miles for the construction of new fencing in San Diego and 32 miles of border fence in the Rio Grande Valley.

Speaking of the features of the boundary wall, Kelly said that the Border Patrol agents advocate a see-through wall to give the agents insight on the happenings at the other side of the wall. It is known that Trump has already discussed that the wall will be concrete with a height of dozens of feet.

Kelly emphatically said that the walls would be constructed selectively where it is most needful and efficient. Although the Democrats advocate a high level of renewable energy recognition and usage, they may not move their stand on speaking against the funding of Trump’s wall because of the proposed solar panel inclusion in the wall.

Bottom line

For any government spending to be passed, the Republicans need the votes of the Democrats. Then again, conservative members of the house will appear relevant in the House if a significant number of them balk at the price quote. Democrats have bluntly refused to support any form of Trump Wall’s funding or his constant efforts towards immigration enforcements. On the other hand, the Republican lawmakers who stand in for border states said they would only advocate good options and a strict barrier of 2,000 miles.