Luxury sold smart locks Airbnb hosts permanently broken software update

Internet is constantly a surprising things, but unfortunately for all techno-utopian world, the exact the wrong reasons.

The last case study, why connecting any little thing on the internet may not be such a good idea. A company that among other things, a Wi-Fi network intelligent lock sold to Airbnb hosts worldwide the unit allows you to enter without a key and a remote control with the ability to continue producing sweat charm.

And, surprise, it’s exactly what happened on August 7th, as VERR’s firmware update program pushed wrong that a number of bearers left that stop permanently.

CEO Nolan Mondrow wrote in the email to those who were unhappy with inactive LS-6i. “We’re sorry to inform you about some unfortunate news”. “His blocks under the small subset of the media, which had made a fatal mistake ineffective. After the software updates sent for their blockade, they could connect with our web service, it is impossible to make a remote control. ”

“Each of our bold physical keys,” Mondrow said by telephone

“We think the action closer, I really feel for those concerned,” he added.

Fortunately for all parties involved, when it comes to the last wrong VERR comes, only about 500 locks are affected. In addition, Mondrow insisted that it was the result of human error and that the technology itself is solid. Even closer, that nothing in the world of the Internet of things to confirm cannot be 100 percent perfect, because people still need to manage technology.

“They always take into account the fact that this is the people who work with the customers and make sure they are well trained.”
And so, well educated people make mistakes. Something that takes into account the next time you might take you buy a shiny new device connected to the internet.