Idaho News Station Issues Apology After Using Photo Of Black Lives Matter Activist In Unrelated Bank Robbery Story

A CBS affiliate in Idaho issued a public apology for using a photo of DeRay McKesson in conjunction with a robbery which he had no part of

KBOI 2News posted on its Twitter feed Friday evening showed a photograph of activist and educator DeRay McKesson being restrained by police officers, with the caption: “Would-be robber arrives early at banks to find doors locked.”

The station’s official website featured yet another photo of McKesson with the headline: “Officer wounded in deadly ambush sues Black Lives Matter.”

The photos of McKesson that KBOI News was using were actually taken of him at a rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

McKesson, upon being notified of the photos circulating on the news station’s social media account and website, tweeted “I haven’t been anywhere near a bank robbery. FYI.”

Station issues swift apology, McKesson infuriated

KBOI removed the tweet and post on the official website as soon as becoming aware of their mistake.

“We messed up. We mistakenly tweeted a photo of @deray with an unrelated story link about a bank robbery. We at KBOI are very sorry.”

McKesson and his supporters lashed out at the station for their error.

News source the Washington Post had also been accused of using an image of McKesson stating that a police officer accused the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, McKesson, Johnetta Elzie, and three others of “inciting and encouraging violence”.

The officer, who remained unidentified, referenced the July 2016 Baton Rouge shooting during which U.S. Marine Sergeant Gavin Long killed three officers and injured three more, opening fire on them.

McKesson has filed a lawsuit against Baton Rouge in August, stating that police used excessive force at a demonstration where he and a thousand others were arrested.

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