Grenfell Tower Fire Evacuee Still Charged For Rent After The Fire

One Grenfell Tower Fire evacuee has been charged for rent even after the tragic building fire that killed at least 79 people. She was among hundreds of other residents of both Grenfel Tower and nearby buildings that have been evacuated due to the fire.

The Evacuee

It has been reported that at least 1 resident that has been evacuated since the tragic Grenfell Tower fire is still being charged for rent. It remains unknown whether or not other evacuees are going through the same problem.

The resident was checking her bank account this week and found that her rent was deducted from her balance. This sparked a widespread outrage in Kensington, over what they say is an already “slow and inept” response from the council regarding the fire.

A senior councilor in Kensington has commented on this saying that the council did “many good things” in order to help the residents of the building deal with what happened.

Responses To the Charges

Yvette Williams, from the campaign group Justice4Grenfell, has said that the situation of survivors and families of victims has not improved.

“I had someone come to me yesterday saying they’d just got their bank card and things back, and seen that their rent has been deducted.” she said.

“I have heard the same complaint a few days ago from someone else. There have been concerns that if people stop paying rent they will lose their tenancy because of the way things have happened before and the council’s attitude to social housing. This is just another area of stress people do not need at this time. The council are just performing appallingly.”

Catherine Faulks, a conservative councillor commented on this issue, saying: “The council are in the process of trying to house 400 people. They’ve got people in hotels, they’ve got a social worker for every single family who is triaging them into a wraparound service.”

“I’m very sorry to hear that’s happened, but that person to whom that has happened will have one person connection they can go to, to sort it out.”

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