Donald Trump Cartoon Contest Held In Iran With Cash Prize

A Donald Trump cartoon contest was held in Tehran,Iran with a $1,500 prize for first place.

The Contest

A Donald Trump cartoon contest was held in Tehran, Iran, where hundreds of people were invited. The “T” in the “Trumpism” sign at the event’s logo, was shaped as a swastika. One of the entries in the contest showed Trump painting the American monument, the Statue of Liberty, with a Hitler-esque moustache.

The organizer, Masoud Tabatabaei said: “The ism in Trumpism is a reference to racism and Nazism.Many believe his remarks are similar to Hitler. He has had a bad attitude toward media, refugees.”

Masud was also the organizer for the “International Holocaust Cartoon Contest” in Iran.

As he was planning this last event, he had said: “Trump’s behavior clearly sets out Iran’s reasons to distrust the U.S., consequently, we decided to use art’s capacity for displaying the behavior,” he added.

“Aside from his personal characteristics, Trump has also posed different challenges to the world and treats Iran and the Islamic world unconventionally in particular,” he said.

“This contest considers Trump as a symbol of U.S. capitalism and hegemony that many intellectuals compare with Nazism,” Shojaei-Tabatabai said.

The Winner and Other Entries

The winner of the contest was Hadi Asadi, who won $1,500 as an award for his artwork. His entry was Trump drooling with a dollar-bill jacket on.

“I wanted to show Trump while trampling symbols of culture,” Asadi said. He added that he was looking to highlight Trump’s “money-mindedness and war monger nature”.

Other participants included around 1,614 people from around 64 countries. Four of them were American cartoonists and two of them won awards for their art.

Other works from the contest also depicted other controversies Trump is known for, including violence against women, the Mexican wall he wants to build at the US-Mexican border.

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