Brewers State That Pound’s Value Could Result in Price Increase of Alcohol

The craft brewers have stated that due to the British pound’s weakening the past while as a result of the Brexit matter, the cost for their ingredients which are imported will probably see a higher price.

The necessary equipment for their breweries as well will see an increase in prices. These factors will ultimately force them to increase the prices of drinks.

The top brewers of the UK have warned that drinkers may have to cope with a possible and likely new increase of prices for their drinks.

An Immediate Effect

Every year it is said about 200 newer choices for breweries are made, but as for the small scale breweries, the weakening of the Sterling has immediately affected them due to the increased prices for their equipment as well as the ingredients that are brought in from abroad.

Drinkers have already been enduring to pay higher than £5 for a pint in some specific brews.

However, this price may surge even higher for drinkers who are being told to either accept the overall circumstances or simply switch their drink of choices to a cheaper brand that is sold in all markets.

A Dependence Abroad

Craft brewers usually search all over the world for the top hops and malt in order to bring back home and create something, but this matter will be paying a price, or a higher one in this case as of now.

Dark Star Brewery head, Andrew Paterson, stated that it was expected that the matter would come down to this due to the imports of hops from areas in the world such countries in Europe as well as the United States.

Mr. Paterson added that not only is that brought in from overseas, but as well as yeast that is manufactured in the Netherlands, kegs, and other equipment.

Mr. Paterson says that when it comes to quality of their brew, they will pay whatever price regardless.


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