App Store Prices Go Up by 25 Percent

Apple Co. has recently just announced that they are increasing the prices of their App Store in the UK by about 25 percent more.

This increase comes directly as the UK last June voted to officially declare a leave from the European Union.

As a result of leaving from the European Union, the British pound plummeted to levels that have resulted in moves such as this.

These new prices serve to preserve to an extent the current corresponding value between the U.S. dollar and that of the British pound, at least for the apps that exist on iOS along with app stores of Mac.

An app that was previously priced at £0.79 is said to now reach a cost of £0.99.

The Domino Effect

Apple Co. emailed the app developers last Tuesday in order to announce the declaration of the increased prices. In the email they wrote that when the foreign exchange rates along with alterations in the taxation as well, they usually must resort to change the prices on their App Store as well.

The email then stated that within the next seven days the increased prices will go into effect, so as to offer their customers a last minute chance for purchasing something on the App Store at the current price.

Expect it Elsewhere Too

Apple has also announced that further price increases are also set to take place in their other Apple stores such as iTunes store where music along with videos are purchased, and an increase as well within iBooks Store.

The UK has not been only the nation to endure a depreciation of their currency, as India, and Turkey have also been suffering with the same situation as well.

Ever since the UK voted for the Brexit leave, the British pound dropped sharply by at least 18.5 percent against the dollar.

Apple then reacted by increasing prices in their products such as the Mac Pro, in which the price of it skyrocketed by £500 in just one night.

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