100 Flights Cancelled by Heathrow Airport

Scores of flights have been cancelled by numerous airports based in London due to an intense freezing fog that has blanketed over the region, encompassing a large portion of Southern England.

As of now reports have stated that as much as 100 flights from Heathrow Airport have been cancelled.

London City is said to have cancelled about 88 flights, along with Gatwick Airport cancelling nine. Further warnings for delayed flights are said to also be highly probable.

A fog warning that was issued by the Met Office regarding Southern England has been cleared away. However, weather forecasters claim that by Tuesday morning further intense weather conditions may come about.

Another Hidden Problem

The freezing weather signifies another hidden problem to the matter, which is that England is currently enduring high amounts of air pollutants.

This amount of air pollution has been predicted to stretch its way into Tuesday, as it has been said that the air pollution does not diffuse in still conditions.

According to Emma Boorman, a weather forecaster from the Met Office, she says that dense fog would appear again throughout the night.

This reformation of fog would then ultimately serve to disrupt some regions within Southern England as well as Wales.

Checking Flights Beforehand

Airports in the UK such as Gatwick, Heathrow, and several others have urged passengers to continue in staying up to date with the flights on their airlines prior to traveling.

The statement was made by them on the morning of Monday. Reports have stated that the flights which were bound for Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport had been affected the most since heavy fog had also made its presence there.

The Liverpool Airport also mentions that they have been enduring extremely low visibility and heavy fog on the morning of Monday.

Weather forecasters claim that the current temperatures may not top 0 degrees Celsius throughout the areas that had been mainly affected as of Monday.

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